Mr Adelaide Leather 2020 - Supporting Bfriend

By Dan S

I'm supporting Bfriend

Hi I'm Daniel, the titleholder of Mr. Adelaide Leather 2020.

Not sure what that means?

The Mr. Adelaide Leather title is a contest which is run by Adelaide Leather and Fetish during November of each year in the GEAR’d weekend event; another event that is planned during the Adelaide Feast event. Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic, the contest was pushed back to January 2021.

This all-inclusive weekend event focuses on the celebration of being proud of who we are as individuals and breaks down the negative stigma and stereotypes of all things fetish and kink related from BDSM to leather, latex, pup play and so many more interests making us what we are. The aim for Adelaide Leather and Fetish is not limited to the above aspirations but to also provide safe and secure areas to be yourself while also creating connections within the LGBTIQA+ community encouraging places to learn and raise awareness for charities and community events.

With the platform I have acquired I would like to bring more awareness to the Bfriend Program as they have been a large positive presence to the LGBTIQA+ community. For 25+ years the Bfriend program has been offering support to people in need who are questioning their sexuality and identity and extending help to their families and friends.

This wonderful program deserves more awareness and financial support to allow them to continue the invaluable work they do in working with individuals in need of support, community education, advocacy and visibility at events and community projects.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Adelaide Leather & Fetish

We are all so proud of you Dan. Congrats on a fantastic year


Amanti Moon

Good work.


Scott Lambert

Congrats Daniel. What a great year you have had. So proud of you mate.


Trent Douglas

Happy to support such a great cause and support such a great title winner.


Tim Roberts Qlb15

Good luck with your fundraising this year. Everyday someone, somewhere in SA is asking something about their identity, and it is important they have support networks. Lots of love from Queensland, x.


Daniel Spraakman